The following list is a compilation of currently unused or limited use items that do not belong in any other category. Some of these items may be required in quest completion but have no other function.

Item Name
78a4f26058cc468c Copper Ore (Quest)
0c8e7dcf9899377f Bronze Ore (Quest)
Iron Ore (Quest)
E132b3a88106e006 Marble (Quest)
6f3769fa92d9b44f Super Alloy?
893887450eeffa86 Orichalcum?
Ca01e669930e25ef Strong Skin?
97ec11a66e90ba99 Griffon Skin?
6000b78c38e82030 Auger Skin?
6c9070ec1ca4f590 Durable Leather?
A2857db9678f3d00 Cereberus Skin?
24f105915039309d Sharp Branch
60750599cc21a59a Cocoli Tree?
A7764f9665ce61d2 Korin Tree (Quest)
834bbd40aa37d03c Souffle Tree?
947fa62d1bc586ed World Tree?
80e2ee5d2a1baae7 Thread?
D9206b0d16fb03a4 Durable Yarn?
7b9fde34ef975248 Magic Yarn?
B875a36a2120a6d2 Silk?
61f72213dd6115cd Transparent Silk?
523ec9b53d1d73cf Gun Powder?
740ed11c52f498ea Frame?
6e3e09b65fdc70fb Broken Cutter?
A03f0066fb5c6d84 Cutter (Quest)
12048f83a8045465 Sharp Cutter?
F383d017a3a85ee8 Lifesaving Flower?
732367a9aa227fab Grass?
C97f484be17522d0 Forget-me-nots (Quest)
D04ba05e08a27514 Flame Grass?
07070e3ddef1797c Golden Grass?
Fd44e3cc0ed44c43 White Feather?
2affdcd76e3b3f66 Dark Feather?
3c4cd40cd346137f Dragonfly Wings?
1c1115c5ad24dc3e Eagle Feathers?
Bbd957eedaf452db Sparkling Piece?
59f13266e04ccbe0 Beautiful Piece?
D6458d08d1ac3e32 Mana Piece?
Becb62c7b5afeecc Flame Piece?
0d156222a1062a7f Aqua Piece?