The story line behind the world of Ecol Tactics is slowly advanced through the completion of Quests or missions that are initiated by speaking with NPCs located throughout town. Furthermore, once a Quest has been finished, the player will be rewarded with Experience, Gold, and Items.

Beginning a QuestEdit


Emilio has a quest for you

Quests are simple enough to initiate, but first the player must locate a quest-giver--an NPC with a yellow exclamation bubble hovering overhead. The easiest way to find quest-givers is to check the Mini Map and travel to town locations where the yellow exclamation bubble is present.

Quest-givers may have several dialogue options, particularly if they also happen to be merchants. To begin a quest, select the Quest dialogue option to open a list of available quests, then select the desired Quest. Some quest-givers may have more than one available quest, or have grayed-out Quest options which are not yet available to the player. Generally, grayed-out Quests require the player to gain additional levels before becoming active.

Most Quests are accompanied by a short cut-scene that activates upon selection. These generally just give some flavor to the upcoming Quest through dialogue, but also help explain the Quest parameters in more detail. Furthermore, selecting Quests that are designated as Main will also advance the plot.

When the cut-scene has completed, it will be added to the player's active quest list, located at the top left-hand portion of the screen. Quest parameters can be viewed either by clicking on the appropriate icon in the quest list, or by opening the Quest Menu.

The Three Quest TypesEdit

QuestM Main Quests are directly tied to the story line of Ecol Tactics, centering around the player's growth as a Mercenary and current troubles plaguing the kingdom. These quests tend to be more difficult, but also have significant rewards. There is no BP consumption when deploying Mercenaries on Main Quests.
QuestE Special Event Quests have no established cut-scenes and do not tie into the plot in any way. These quests are designed as a sort of player rewards program to encourage continued play and are believed to be temporary in nature, possibly being replaced by new events each month.
QuestS Sub Quests have no direct ties to the plot and only become available after the player meets certain level conditions. Rewards for completing Sub Quests are moderate. Mercenaries expend 1 BP when being deployed on Sub Quests.