The World of Ecol Tactics is brimming with adventure and danger alike. Venturing outside of the town gates will allow the player to select either to complete a mission or just to do battle with the randomly generated monsters in that area.

Maps and MissionsEdit

Clicking on a particular map will open the Mission List which displays available missions in that area, the BP cost to deploy Mercenaries on that mission, and the suggested level for completing the mission.

Mission TypesEdit


The Mission List

Missions are categorized as either Main, Sub, or Free. Main Missions follow the story line and do not give suggested level details. They also do not consume BP when deploying Mercenaries. Sub Missions are generally minor errands town NPCs will send the player on. These missions generally cost 1 BP to deploy units.

Free Missions can be completed as many times as the player likes and eventually become a vital way to gain experience (i.e. grind) and loot (i.e. farm). After selecting a Free Mission, a second menu appears called the Challenge List. From this list, the player may view the different difficulties available for the map, the suggested level to complete those difficulties, and the list of enemies likely to spawn on that map. The difficulty levels range from Easy to Normal to Hard. The harder difficulty levels are unlocked after completing the previous level.


The Challenge List

Each difficulty level has a different BP cost when deploying Mercenaries. Easy level missions cost 1 BP, Normal missions cost 2 BP, and Hard mission cost 3 BP. In addition, each difficulty has a different assortment of monsters that spawn randomly across the map. On the hardest difficulty, this assortment becomes much broader.

Map MasteryEdit

When a difficulty level is completed for the first time, the Challenge List will display the Cleared status for that mission. Once all difficulties for that map have been cleared, the map has been mastered and a red banner marked Master will appear above the map graphic. Once all maps in a region have been mastered, that region's Survival Zone will unlock.

The World of Ecol TacticsEdit

MAP intro

The World of Ecol Tactics

The known world of Ecol Tactics is divided into five regions, presumably each centered around a village or city. Currently, only two of these regions are playable. Each region has a number of surrounding areas and each of those consist of ten or so maps.

At the beginning of the game, the player will primarily be completing missions in the area South of Vermonics village. As the player progresses, missions will also become available in the Eastern and Western regions. Eventually, the player will be able to leave the Vermonics region and perform missions in Arpenion.

Regional BreakdownEdit

  • Arpenion
  • Arpenion Southern Field
  • Arpenion Eastern Field
  • Arpenion Western Field