Fijiro Wields a spear that can attack enemies 1 square diagonal or 2 squares straight on (left, right, up, down). If 2 enemies are in a row Fijiro can attack them both with his spear.



Fijiro is a rare mercenary who wears shiny armor and wields a spear. He has blue / purple eyes and blonde hair. Fijiro will occasionally joins the player on quests though is often AI controlled.

Fijiro's spear can reach up to 2 squares away and 1 square diagonal. His spear attack is capable of hitting multiple targets.

Fijiro's avatar shown during some dialogue.


He has following skills:

  • Heart Attack
  • Shield
  • Protect
  • Called Strike

Please note, those are skills when you first meet him. They might be changed when you see him in battle other time.

Mercenary boardEdit

Just like with Sister-M and Sympagis, there's a small chance you can get him from the Special Mercenary Board to aid you in battle.