Item Name Dropped By Level Range
8b6536681b93e49f Copper Brigand
B624cd9440525deb Bronze Brigand X - 25
Fe36b6c6e953851c Iron Ore Brigand 26 - X
33a35d3e4e79260a White Silver Rare Drop* 35+
5531918619b3ad0e Gold Explorations Only*
38b85c71262dea14 Worn Leather Frog, Wolf
95e26a6c853811eb Inferior Leather Poison Frog, Rosette X - 25
A7905c84fff93505 Intermediate Leather Hell Hound
Ac62252dfae23fd2 Advanced Leather Rare Drop*
Ded3a4944b41f390 Superior Leather Explorations Only*
C331c1c2eee95773 Small Branches Slime
Fafe5930887482cb Colon Branches Specter, Troll, Jelly
2d6e6ee6aab55d95 Souffle Branches Ogre, Gel, Laplasia
796a64a11d14293c Yggdrasil Branch Rare Drop*
95d117e08f639cc5 Cocory Branches Explorations Only*
24f105915039309d Sharp Branch
1922ef2312a0919f Worn Cloth Ghost
5316d804ebdf2cfb Inferior Cloth Phantom
B63db21a8941b70f Intermediate Cloth Specter, Lace
A820ed3dd14a1a2c Advanced Cloth Rare Drop*
C94ba0b3fe8a8545 Superior Cloth Explorations Only*
Worn gear Worn Gear Brigand Archer, Marionette
Cdce889e7e516bbe Gray Gear Brigand Archer X - 25
3f05f103e3549155 Blue Gear

Brigand Archer, Gimmick Stone, Troll

26 - X
0b4edf878b888a2e Red Gear Rare Drop*
7b4320aa36a2f364 Golden Gear Explorations Only*
68be4d21019a83ee Small Flower Ripple
7d6887193337eb42 Colon Flower Coconut
A51bc697a7eb5d14 Souffle Flower Rosette
22f6e606a8742d83 Yggdrasil Flower Rare Drop*
2516fcf8c3f64b5f Cocoli Flower Explorations Only*
10257696785bace9 Light Feather Pixie
E9fbe212d8006556 Heavy Feather Killer Bee
116adf74dc2c2294 Magic Feather Fairy
E7acf0bc6f5b81be Angel Feather Rare Drop*
A696e292bc800742 Devil Feather Explorations Only*
60d02941cc5e8fad Wind Piece Rare Drop*
6dcd5973c4cdac01 Land Piece Rare Drop*
C0f0bcf0d6fc8763 Star Piece Rare Drop*
C832145c0b42b83b Moon Piece Rare Drop*
25ac6ac50609e5f2 Sun Piece Explorations Only*
  • As of OBT Build 601 US142 - might change with later Updates